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5.31.07, 6:31 PM
I was just wondering what happened to the loft that Belle and Phil used to live in. Why can't Belle and Shawn go there? It was owned by John Black. And why are they so worried about money, doesn't Belle come from a wealthy family? I am really confused.

6.1.07, 2:51 PM
not sure what happen tp the loft.They act like belle's parants don't haveany money.It is so stupid John is filthy rich I guess it's all about the plot.

6.1.07, 3:21 PM
i'm guessing that this is just a way to start the triangle up again.

6.1.07, 3:48 PM
Sheffer is doing things exactly the way James Reilly did, only with even less intelligence.

6.4.07, 2:00 PM
Considering there is a lot of complaining when Belle is in J&M's scenes - that's not really an option. People didn't want Belle bugging John about Claire when he came out of the coma so he could have "lovin" with his wife...surely people don't want to see them get active in finding their grandchild - when would they have sex then? LOL!
John should just buy them an apartment and be done with it

6.5.07, 8:03 PM
They need to go there own way Phillip needs to meet a woman who wants him not who can't make up her min d

watching for years
6.10.07, 12:23 AM
Basically, shawn and belle both need to get jobs and buy their own place. They think they are so ready to be parents and responsible, yet neither have jobs.

On this show he can be a mechanic and she can be a superstar designer within a week.

6.10.07, 3:36 PM
Hmmm.. I see the triangle, but am hoping that they don't go there. I can see in the current writting the conflict between having the fantasy of being with Shawn having come true versus the reality that Shawn really doesn't have much to offer her at this point in her life. I am hoping that once Claire is found and she is no longer making emotionally based decisions that maybe it will work out in a way where she has to confront the fact that she no longer wants Shawn as well as that she never loved Phillip and that they take this character in a whole new direction focusing more on the struggles of being a young somewhat nieve single parent.

Oh and as far as the loft and Johns wealth, she needs to grow up and her parents need to let her, so I have no problems with the idea that they may make the hard choice of making her do it for herself. Maybe they already have and we just don't know it cause those scenes whir cut out at one point or another.