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3.12.08, 12:38 PM
Why are the writers giving up on Belle and Shawn. If they would just keep them together and give them a decent storyline that doesn't involve Claire being kidnapped for the umpteenth time they might be enjoyable. Especially with this bond between John and Claire. They should have had both Belle and Shawn get careers (and NOT in the police force). Shawn could have taken over the pub for his grandfather. That would have been the perfect solution. They keep Vampira and Chlo-bot but get rid of the normal people. I think it's a bad decision.

3.12.08, 11:15 PM
off the titler a bit.... Belle in that blue dressed looked a bit preggos.....it could of been just the dress. I think all of us at one point wore a dress that made us look possibly preggos.

I like how they are tieing in how bo/hope went away and sailed with Shawn (d) to what Belle/Shawn/Claire are going to do......I just hope they arent going to be gone for an awfully long time.

Curious - did they show a lot of hope/bo sailing during that time period? How did they manage to get such a nice boat on a policeman's salary and how did they have the money to contiune to sail around for so long??

3.13.08, 10:37 AM
I wasn't watching Days back in the Bo/Hope time. I never thought about how they got that amazing boat. LOL!
I think MM might be pregnant. She never took off the coat yesterday. I wonder if that might be the reason for them leaving the show right now. Lexie also looks very pregnant yesterday. It's hard to tell with these new fashions but it wouldn't surprise me if MM is pregnant!

3.13.08, 6:09 PM
They should never have gone with Shawn/Belle.
Maybe they realize that they are glorifying abuse and male domination with attitude and anger and fear and are just getting rid of them together so they don't have to do the right thing and make Belle and Marlena realize that she is simply the victim of abuse and get help.
Whatever it is, the second best thing to having that happen is to make them go away. Hopefully forever.
I HATE the glorification of abuse like Shelle and Phloe.
They may as well give people medals for it.

3.13.08, 10:26 PM
I heard that they aren't getting rid of belle and shawn but martha and brandon. They want to bring back Kirsten and Jason to play the parts.

Just Samantha
3.13.08, 10:34 PM
When Bo and Hope sailed away with baby Shawn-Douglas, the actors left the show and were gone for some time before they brought them back. Someone else even hung their ornaments on the tree at Christmas-time. We didn't see "updates" of their journey, they were just gone.

3.13.08, 11:19 PM
To answer the question of how Bo and Hope sailed around the world in a nice boat on a cops salary...Hope used to be a model and made a lot of money back then...I assume they lived off of that. Plus she was a Daddys girl and I'm sure he shelled out some dough to help if she asked..

I haven't heard anything about Kirsten and Jason returning..but that would be awesome...I really like them..

Yes..Belle looked pregnant to me as well..I wasn't paying attention to Lexie...

3.13.08, 11:55 PM
thank you all for the info!!

I missed lexie too - but wasnt paying attention to her either.

3.14.08, 9:48 AM
I have no idea what you're talking about. Can you please elaborate?

3.14.08, 4:32 PM
I didnt notice that lexie looked pregnant either.

3.25.08, 10:59 PM
I heard that they aren't getting rid of belle and shawn but martha and brandon. They want to bring back Kirsten and Jason to play the parts.
OH I HOPE THATS TRUE *points to avi*