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3.12.08, 10:13 AM
Well here it is Wednesday and I still don't have a job! Oh well I am getting quite up set though. I do hope I find one soon! I need work! I also feel it's time to visit the local job service here and see if that would help since I'm not having any luck. Seems like the internet and email isn't working for me. So hope to get something soon. I did go to two interviews yesterday but they both told me it would be a week! I don't have a week. I need a job now! GRRR! So hope I find one soon!:confused: Any ways it's been beautiful here and so warm! So that has helped my mood some what but not much I do need the money and it's not happening. Well I'm off to make internet connections once again and find a job! Take care!:rolleyes:

3.12.08, 11:18 AM
Well..Julie, with most interviews..they never make up their mind right then and there..for the most part, they make you wait. Sorry you have to wait..but I have a feeling, something will come up soon!! Hang in there ok? You have a good day. Good chatting with you this morning!

3.12.08, 10:45 PM
Thanks Dragsy. I know I'm being over anxious just tired of not working is all. I have more bad news too. Looks like we will be moving out where we live. Found out today that the house we are renting is being foreclosed upon! Can you believe it? So even Susan will be looking for a new place to live. I tell you I don't think I could stand any more bad news right now!:( Take care and hope work went well!

3.12.08, 11:30 PM
Oh no..about having to move again!! How long do you have? Won't they give you time to..like 30 days at least? And hon..hang in there. All things happen for a reason.

3.12.08, 11:59 PM
Yep well we have time but we will have to start looking for some place else to live for sure. So no time like the present right? I'll keep you posted!:winkq:

3.13.08, 3:11 AM
Hi Julie. So sorry to read your news. Hope everything sorts itself out. Will be thinking good thoughts for you.;)

3.13.08, 12:03 PM
Thanks Lynjay I'm really getting discouraged right now things keep happening that are bad! I appreciate the good thoughts though. It's been a hard struggle for me here in Colorado since I've moved things are a lot different here and harder so I have to just get use to it I suppose. I'm not giving up though!:winkq:

3.13.08, 11:29 PM
Julie..that's the right attitude..don't give up.

3.14.08, 2:21 PM
Thanks Dragsy! I won't!;)