View Full Version : Hi to all!!

3.11.08, 8:54 PM
Hi everyone! I have never chatted this way before...sounds like fun. I look forward to chatting with you all.:)

5.5.08, 9:26 PM
Good evening to you.
I am still quite new to this too.
This is my favorite thing to do is to chat and make new friends.
I send my hubby and the kids to get ice cream so I could get the computer for a little bit. I had 1/2 an hour, so I am trying to get to know as much of you as I can.
Well, I will keep this short and sweet.
I hope to hear from you real soon.
Ya friend KAT.:o:cool::blush2ey::palmtreez:

5.5.08, 11:32 PM

5.6.08, 12:50 AM
Hi there. Welcome. I am not able to chat as such with the time diff between States and Africa, but do like to post and read any replies. Hope to hear from you.