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3.11.08, 1:24 PM
Well..I wasted a trip to the dr's office this morning. I need bloodwork done before my March 24 appt. Usually I do it the week before..but thought I'd do it this week..as I might have something to do next week while I'm off. Anyway..I get up there and the receptionist says..they prefer no earlier than a week before the appt..to get the labwork done...grrr. I guess I should have called..but didn't. So now..I'm gonna wait till that morning before my appt...about 2 hours before..so I know they won't have the labwork results back...then the dr. will have to call me later. So to me..that's a waste of time..the appt. Could just call me on the phone..but then the dr. won't get his office visit payment..grrr. Got to help pay for his fancy car and house..etc. Grrrrr!! As you can tell I'm grumpy!! LOL I didn't sleep well last night anyway...so that doesn't help. I might lie down here and take a nap soon. Coffenut..I replied to your post in the other thread!!

3.11.08, 9:19 PM
Oh I feel with you dragonmom. Some doctors seem to be out for the money only. I usually go in for an appointment. Than have to make a apptment for lab work and than a week later I have to have another appointment to discuss the results. They won"t tell you the results on the phone.

3.12.08, 3:29 AM
Hi there. Was just reading about yr doctor woes and thought would share this story with you. Was helping serve tea at the cricket this weekend and met a lady there who was telling me that her 95yr father fell down in the house a few months back. She phoned his Doctor who said he was too busy to make a house call and take him into the rooms. She couldn't move him, so phoned the security company (town we live in doesn't have emergency services on hand) who sent their medical van and took him to the Dr Rooms. Dr sent him home with antibiotics and painkiller and said he okay. Two days later he not so well (face swollen & bruised) so phone Dr again and wife says he not avail he playing golf! She phones back at 5pm and wife again says he cannot make house call. Again gets security company and they take him to the Govt Hospital down road. Old man had actually broken his neck!!! Had to rush him into Port Elizabeth (nearest) city, to the hospital there. He passed away a few weeks ago.

3.12.08, 11:10 AM
Oh Lynjay that story is so sad! I'm sorry to hear the care there is so horrible! I hope and pray it gets better for you with the Dr.'s there! That is just awful. We are sort of spoiled here. We have ambulances and clinics so no worries if you know what I mean. I hope things get better where you live. I feel for that poor lady though how awful!:o

Well yesterday was an ok day but still no job. I do hope I get one soon. I am so tired of not working. Keep me in your thoughts everyone! I'm hoping to get a job some how what ever it might be! :lookaway: