View Full Version : Love John and Claire

3.11.08, 10:58 AM
John and Claire is the best pairing this show has come up with in years. They're adorable together. I like that Marlena isn't going to try to force John anymore. I think this will be interesting to see how it all plays out. I'm loving Rolf as the butler too. It's so campy.

3.11.08, 2:17 PM
Claire is a cutie pie. You can see how she gets to John. I'm just sad that they are leaving the show as I would have loved to have seen more of John and Claire together.

Rolf can be the creepy old "Mad Scientist", but I've always been amused by the character. I had to laugh the other day when John told him to quit using his accent.

3.11.08, 10:59 PM
I do enjoy those two together!! I wonder how long this "john" is going to be before we get the old one back.