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3.10.08, 3:43 AM
Hi there. Not sure if this requires a Sunday or Monday post? Time differences are really strange! It is 8.30am here in the Cape and already about 30C! Been promised rain - garden would love it - maybe cool things down a bit. Off to go and help out at the annual Cape Cricket today. Will be working in the kitchens,:eek: so not really looking forward to it, but gets me out of the house at least. Had a nice relaxing weekend with family and rearing to go into a new week. Maybe find a job this week - fingers crossed.
Wish you all a great day :crossfingers:

3.10.08, 11:46 AM
gloomy rainy monday here. wanted to go to the gym this morning - but it's too yucky for us since we are just getting over a cold.

3.10.08, 12:17 PM
It's Monday here Lyn..but you don't have to post the date..no big deal. What's 30 C in ferenheit? (I know I didn't spell that right..ha ha) Best of luck with a job! Paxie where do you live? I live in Louisiana..good old USA. Lynjay lives in Africa.

3.10.08, 11:51 PM
The huge state next to you. lol.... my sis lives in Cajun country.

3.11.08, 1:03 AM
So Paxie you are my neighbor huh? Where in Louisiana does your sister live? What part of Texas are you in?

3.11.08, 9:33 AM
Mmm .I posted here yesterday but my post didn't show.Let me try again.Lol
I hope everyone is doing well. I had a nice weekend. My grandson came over and we made pizza together. It was just too cute how he was so concentrated on putting pepperonni on his pizza. All he needed was pepperoni,olives and tomatoes.We all had a great time.
Lynjay I hope you got that rain. I can imagine you are ready for it. Here it gets between 35 and 45 degrees during the summer with lots of humidity.
Lynjay and Paxie 2 welcome to the Kaffeeklatsch. It's always nice to see new faces.
Paxie I think I remember you from back when at the pregnancy and first year board. I think you had a little boy named Cole? Maybe I am wrong.lol I just thought I remembered you.Anyways if it's you,nice to see you again!
Dragonmom 30 Celsius is about 87 fahrenheit.
I wish you all a great day!

3.11.08, 1:20 PM
Hey coffenut..missed you!! 35-40 degrees in the summer? Must be a typo..no way it's that cool in the summer..is it? LOL Thanks for the info on celsius and fahrenheit..I could have looked it up..but I was being lazy..LOL. Glad you had a good weekend with your grandson!!

3.11.08, 9:14 PM
Hi dragsy,
yeah 35-40 Fahrenheit would be a bit chilli for summer.Lol I meant to add Celsius for Lynjay. In Europe they use celsius too. Thats why I know what it is in Fahrenheit. I always have to convert it for my family too.It's betweem 95 and 105 degreesfahrenheit. That sounds a bit warmer doesn't it? Lol

3.12.08, 3:34 AM
Hi. Thanks for the welcom Coffenut. Had a little rain last two nights, but nothing as yet during the day. Has cooled air a bit, not so humid now. I am really not good at the Celsius/Farenheit thing, sorry, will have to rely on coffenut for that lot. lol
Had my hair cut yesterday (Tues) and think hairdresser had a bad day, practically shaved my head.....!!! Cooler anyway I suppose. Take care everyone, really enjoy the interaction.

3.12.08, 11:06 AM
Well Lynjay glad the weather has cooled down some for you! That is good! Sorry about the rotten hair cut though! I love mine but takes longer to get it fixed now. LOL oh well still looks better than what I had before.:)

Well yesterday I spent the day in interviews. Got one job I think but won't know for sure the other I'm unsure of cause I made the mistake of telling her that I might not be able to stay long. Oh well guess it wasn't meant to be right? At least in a week I should have a part time job at least!:)

3.12.08, 11:27 PM
Yes Coffenut - that is me!!! He's all of 6 now!! lol, and there is a little one that followed she's 3. :D Nice to meet up again.

DragonMom - lake charles and central tx! How about you?!

3.13.08, 12:39 AM
Lake Charles is I think about 80 miles from us. We live near Alexandria. So you are in central Texas huh? Not too far from me!

3.13.08, 1:05 PM
So your in Texas? I have an Aunt that lives in Texas pretty neat place I hear but haven't been there since a little girl hope to go some day and see her when I get ahead and get some money up! Glad you are enjoying living there!:)