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5.31.07, 8:20 PM
IS Nick Newman really dead? I still don't know so clue me in guys. Did his character leave the show, or what?

Salem Phoenix
6.3.07, 7:41 PM
Nick Newman will return to the show, they originally planned to kill him off when he didn't resign a while back, but I guess at the last minute he signed, but they said he would be off the show for a while, I miss him on the show, & if they killed him off I would be really ticked to say the least I love Josh Morrow, If they wrote him out for other reasons I wouldn't be as upset, but hands off my Nick where the permanency of death is concerned .

I may be in the minority here, but ! I love him and Phyllis together, again another but coming here, they are ruining her character even more though with this threatening crap, and the tricking Jack garbage, What does she want Jack back now that Sharon has him ???.
I am hoping when Nick returns that Dru miraculously came with him, boy would she give Daniel a piece of "what for" huh ! LOL after all they never did find her body, just like they didn't find Malcolm when he went over the cliff, and he returned years later..

All's I know from the spoilers I have been seeing is Nick returns but doesn't bring his memories with him, but a women whom he falls in love with comes back with him ??? not sure I like the no memory part because of Summer, but I suppose that it wouldn't be a story if we didn't have something like this happen after all...