View Full Version : Well here it is Saturday and I'm bored....

3.8.08, 2:06 PM
Got up to a house full of busy people! LOL We all had breakfast got cleaned up and everyone is just vegging around now nothing more. Wish we could all go do something fun but don't think that will happen but maybe. Any ways it's a nice day out maybe I can talk everyone to go to the Zoo or something fun for the kids! Well take care! :winkq:

3.8.08, 11:20 PM
Hey there...sorry no one has been here. Work was very busy for me...just glad it's over and now I'm off three days..wheee!! Austin is spending the night tonight..and he's being very good. We've been busy downloading music on his MP3 player and I'll be sending him to bed soon. Right now he's watching TV in our bedroom.

3.8.08, 11:32 PM
Sometimes its fun to have a day to "veg" out, just be lazy and enjoy the day. We had lots of snow here and I had to go to work...ugh, I dont like working weekends.

3.9.08, 12:31 AM
Well dragsy glad you made it through your work day! Hope you enjoy your weekend and also have some fun. Glad your grand son is staying the night that will be fun. :)

Passionatic glad you stopped by and said hello. Hope work wasn't to bad. Your right lazying around is OK too!

Well we got us a big plasma screen TV today and the kids are playing on it now on the Big TV cause we also got them a Playstation 3!! So they love it. Later we will settle them down and make them watch a movie. It's getting late so they will have to quit here soon. Cause we have church tomorrow and all. And they have to go back to Cheyenne too. Well take care!:winkq:

3.9.08, 10:45 PM
Passion..where do you work? I work on Saturdays at our wonderful Wal-Mart..ha ha. I have Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays off...which that part is nice. Just working part time now. I've been with Wal-mart almost 10 years now.