View Full Version : What happens to the old board?

5.31.07, 2:38 PM
So are they going to get rid of the old board eventually? I like the old board.

I mean, this one has cool new stuff but the old board was so uncomplicated.

5.31.07, 6:26 PM
Hiya FanOfATWT!

The old board will stick around but will be read-only and not open for new posts. We're just waiting for a bunch of shows to finish out their season before we make the big move. Also making sure all the kinks are worked out here in the new version.

Let me know if you need any help at all figuring out the new boards! I'm happy to help! :)

6.1.07, 11:19 AM
Ok, thanks for the quick reply.

6.1.07, 11:36 AM
I also think this one is complicated. HOw do you view all the threads?

6.1.07, 11:48 AM
To view all the thread topics to a specific forum, you just have to go to the forum you're interested in. The threads with the latest posts in them will rise to the top of the list. To view the replies, you just have to click on the thread you're interested in. I recommend "threaded view" to those who have a preference for the old boards.

I hope this was helpful! Let me know if you have any other questions!

6.1.07, 4:45 PM
I prefer the old boards too. I rarely post but I read the old boards every day. Where will we find the romors and the comings and goings etc? This board is too cluttered.. I have never looked for other days boards but I may attempt it now. The old ones were easy.

6.2.07, 6:26 PM
I suppose we'll get used to this format, but it does seem harder, confusing. I'll give it a try because I enjoy the regular posters to the coffeerooms ATWT board. I've been around for a long, long time and feel like we have a community.

6.3.07, 1:30 PM
Hiya Lelamae :)

I'm truly sorry you're finding the new boards a little difficult to get around. The rumors and what not will still be here, just in a new format. In fact, this new format makes it a little easier for us to separate stuff like that.

If you decide you'd rather stay, by all means give me a holler and I'll be happy to help you figure out the new boards!

6.3.07, 1:31 PM
Hiya Jar :)

Thanks for giving it a shot! If you have any questions at all, feel free to send me an email, pm or just post! I am more than happy to help!

Salem Phoenix
6.3.07, 2:21 PM
I have been posting on this type of forum for a few years now and while it was difficult to get used to at first, once you are used to it, it's actually really nice, it keeps everything tidy and clean looking, Having the topics in it's own separate thread is very helpful too. I am happy to see the change, as they say change is good. cheers!

6.4.07, 1:56 PM
What's happening with rumors and spoilers? Will they be in a separate area? I like everything all in one place. I don't like to have to jump around between different sections to read everything. Can't we just post everything we want to talk about here in the "ATWT Talk" section? I agree with Jar, I like the people on the ATWT Coffeerooms board so I will give this a try, but I hope things don't get so messed up that we lose people. That would be a real shame.

6.5.07, 1:41 AM
Yes, ATWT Talk is for anything and everything show related. The reason we added ATWT cafe (and cafe's to a number of other show boards) is because of the tight knit groups. This gives you a place to talk off topic amongst eachother. :) But yeah, the "Talk" section is for spoilers, show discussions, etc etc.

Hope this was helpful! Have fun posting!

6.5.07, 2:31 PM
Cool... thanks!

I think I'm finally getting the hang of it.

6.6.07, 12:56 AM
Excellent! Glad to hear it. Give me a holler if you have any questions at all! :)

6.6.07, 10:59 AM
Agree about the community aspect. Just having a hell of a time viewing. I'm not even sure if you'll get this reply.