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3.7.08, 1:19 PM
Well here it is Friday and I already had to go out and take something to my friend to work cause she forgot it! LOL:p The bad part was my Jimmy still isn't running well and it needs more work. So now I'm stuck again tell they find the problem.
Also the family will be down again this weekend so means no peace and quiet for me cause they will all be here again. Oh well some how I will survive right? Take care!:p

3.8.08, 12:48 PM
Hi, I'm new to this chat site and joined with a dual purpose. I have a communications assignment and needed to participate in a chat. I found your Friday night comment interesting as I had a tough Friday night also. Bad weather encountered coming home from work, almost had an accident. Went to get pizza and the order was not right. Trying to do homework today without any responses. IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE?

3.8.08, 1:04 PM
Welcome gatto princess. Glad you found us! Well we are a small group here and sometimes nobody posts here very much. I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience with your pizza etc. I guess you could say we all have bad experiences now and then right? What kind of writing assignment is it? Just curious. I'm getting ready to go to school my self here but mine will be animal related mainly and Might end up doing a few assignments that way not sure yet though. Good luck on your studies hope they go well!:winkq:

3.9.08, 1:00 PM
Hi, so glad I got a response. I'm a "newbie" to chat room netiquette and didn't know if people answered right away. Coffeerooms.com was listed as one of the safe rooms to look into when our Communications/Info Tech assignment was given. I'm an older Penn State student (40+) trying to finish up my undergraduate degree. After checking thru a few, I saw your posting and found it refreshing and real. I see postings from Dragonmom and at least one other person. Everyone seems to be very nice...not like some of the other rooms I've visited for this assignment. It's a sunny but cold Sunday here in Philadelphia and I can't wait for Spring!:blush2ey:

3.9.08, 6:18 PM
Hi "GP"...did you get the snow that hit the Midwest over the weekend? I'm in Indiana and we got 5 inches. But supposed to get warm by mid-week :) Good luck with your course...my daughter is working on her Masters right now.

3.9.08, 9:43 PM
Hi Passion and gato..nice that the two of you could join us!! It's a small group here..but we all get along. Great group here!!

3.11.08, 11:25 AM
Gatta princess glad your getting your degree! I'm sure Philadelphia is beautiful in the spring and summer! We are experiencing some snowy weather now and then but still mostly nice here like today suppose to get into the 60's today. Feel free to post and comment with us and hope you get an A on your assignment. I also am going to school again here soon to become a Vet Tech can't wait! I'm older too!:winkq:

3.12.08, 6:31 PM
Hi, everyone. Gail here (aka Gatto_Princess). Yes, it is Wednesday and Friday can't come soon enough. Not that I have any special plans but at least I know I can RELAX Friday night and not wake up at the crack of dawn on Saturday.

So, where is everyone located? I get a sense that everyone is from out west. I was born in Philadelphia (city of brotherly love - NOT) but live in a suburb outside of center city. As other urban centers, the city has changed over the past 20 years and isn't as clean or safe as it used to be. I was actually mugged three times (in broad daylight) so I rarely go into the city alone after dusk (sounds like a zombie movie, right?) Anyway, write back and let me know what goes on in your area!

All the best, Gail:lookaway:

3.13.08, 12:03 AM
Hey Gail I'm from Wyoming mostly but now I live in Colorado. At least for now but who knows what the future might bring right? Any ways yes that is in the West you might say. And I do love the mountains and the snow here. So glad your posting with us and hope to get to know you better! Hope you have a good rest of the week!:winkq:

3.16.08, 4:28 PM
Hi Julie, Passionatic, & Dragonmom: Hope everyone had a chance to do something fun over the weekend as it goes way too quick. Julie, I visited Colorado and found it to be beautiful. I assisted in the installation of a computer system at the zoo (can't remember the name!) and everybody was so open and kind. They took me to what they called a round up where everyone had their ATVs, trucks, SUV's and Jeeps in a opening in the woods with a big bondfire in the middle where we had a few beers, roasted hotdogs and people played their guitars and we watched the stars. Being a city girl, this was all incredibly cool to me and it seems I had never been closer to the stars and strangers as I had been that night. It had to be more than 20 years ago but I still think about that time when someone mentioned Colorado. Although I like the warmer climate (beaches & ocean etc.) I loved the three weeks spent there. Well, I'm about to start my Lesson 10 (of 15) for this class and that should take me to about 7pm. Then it will be time to put laundry away then sit on the couch with my wonderful husband of 5 years Angelo. I have a 20 yr old son Josh who is also a Penn State student (who knows, maybe we'll graduate together!). Stay in touch everyone and let me know what's going with my cyber-buddies!
All the best,

3.16.08, 6:53 PM
Gail glad to hear you have fond memories of Colorado! It's lovely here and your right you are closer to the stars up in the mountains. Glad you got to do something wonderful for the Denver Zoo I'm sure they are still using that same computer system! Me I'm still looking for a job. Nothing has turned up yet but I'm not giving up. I'm hopeful. In the meantime I made some arrangements to keep me from starving to death sort of speak. I do have a good friend whom I'm living with so that helps. But would rather be working. Glad you and your son are attending the same college how cool is that? Never to old to go back to school right? Best of wishes with that! Nope didn't do anything fun for the weekend. But did get out some and enjoyed the nice weather and went to church. Take care!:winkq: