View Full Version : Hi everyone!

3.7.08, 12:42 AM
This is my first time here. It looks like a fun board and I look forward to talking to you all! :)

3.7.08, 11:56 AM
Welcome :) I assume you love cats? We have a 'crazy" kitty living with us(it came home from college with our daughter and then when she moved to Texas the cat stayed here with us :) The cat is now 'my baby".

3.7.08, 6:20 PM
hi everyone! i am new to this chat room too. i can honestly say that i used to have a cat but since she passed away, i have become the "crazy dog lady." i have a dachsund and a pug. the dachsund is older and the pug is still a puppy so it is a little hectic around here. i look forward to talking to everyone! :)

3.8.08, 7:42 PM
Hi Passionatic and flutterby! Yep, I love cats! I have two right now. One is super-cuddly and the other is not. They are both very sweet and frisky. I hope to have a dog or two and maybe an alpaca and some chickens someday.