View Full Version : Happy Thursday to all

3.6.08, 8:43 AM
Surprize..surprize..I got in here before work!! Julie..sounds like yesterday was a full day for you cleaning, etc. My work day yesteday went fine. I'm trying to wake up now...drinking my coffee..ha ha. Lyn, so good to have you join us! Sheri and coffenut..where are you??? :)

3.6.08, 11:20 AM
Dragsy hope you have a good day at work! Yep you beat me getting here even! LOL :p Any ways I do hope you have a nice day!:winkq:

Well my day is going to be another busy one. Going to make Susan a cake and then also go looking for a job, then get her a present for her birthday and a card. Take care all!:)

3.6.08, 10:54 PM
How was Susan's b'day?

3.6.08, 11:49 PM
Well here birthday was kind of short lived when she got home she opened her presents and ate her cake. That was about it. She has to work tomorrow so she made it quick. She works long days about 12 hours total. So we will celebrate this weekend. :winkq:

3.7.08, 2:13 AM
Hi there. Had a really boring Thursday. Also trying to find work, no luck yet (not bilingual). Anyway we push on as usual. It's hot again, rain all gone now. Julie, is Susan your daughter? Happy birthday to her.

3.7.08, 12:23 PM
Well sorry the weather has been hot again. But I'm sure your use to it. No Susan is the friend I'm currently living and staying with here in Colorado tell I get my own place. She is my age actually. Well now a year older tell my Birthday any ways LOL :p It's suppose to be warmer here today so looking forward to it. But my Jimmy is broke down again so now I have to wait for it to get fixed! GRRR So means I can't go any where tell they fix it and that includes job hunting too. And I need a job as well. So hope it doesn't take them long to fix the problem!:lookaway: