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3.5.08, 1:09 PM
So, are they writing this baby out of the story or what. There has only been one mention of her since the plane crash. Supposedly, Doug and Julie were watching her during Shawn's funeral.

But, it's all so strange that they only mention Shawn D and Chelsea when talking about their children. Even Caroline made a comment last week about doing anything for her children and she told Bo, "just like you would do for Shawn or Chelsea"...hey, there's a baby girl somewhere in Salem too.

I just find it strange.

3.5.08, 4:45 PM
I found the whole Ciara birth strange to begin with. Bo and Hope did not need another child. Heck, they didn't even need Zack. I think it's pretty to pretend she never existed at this point. Although, they did do that on Happy Days. There used to be a big brother named Chuck in the first season. No one knows what happened to him. LOL!

3.5.08, 6:25 PM
Yup! Chuck went to college and was never heard of again.

I don't know. This show is just lame sometimes. Stephanie was comforting Max for losing his "pop" and Chelsea for losing her grandpa, but hey, Shawn was her grandpa too, but you kind of forgot about it as it seemed like she was just there for her friends.

And they way they have Chelsea mourning the death of Shawn seems like she was Grandpa's little angel. She hasn't been in the family that long to be that connected to him. Besides, most of her time in Salem has been running over her little brother, killing a rapist and hiding his body and using her "Get out of Jail Free" card.

3.8.08, 2:03 AM
It's very strange that Hope doesn't mention her baby at all. Does anyone fine it kind of creepy that Max is in love with his niece? I know he was adopted but it still feels weird to me. Poor Nick, he'll never get Chelsea. The new Dr is very handsome.

3.10.08, 2:06 PM
Yes, Boo! This whole thing with Max and Stephanie creeps me out. True, there is no blood relation there, but it's still weird.

3.10.08, 5:00 PM
All of their relationships are weird! They're all related somehow. Even Shawn and Bell creep me out. Don't forget Lucas's mom was married to Sami's dad for a while too. We need some new families in Salem. LOL! I do like Stephanie though. I think she's cute. I didn't like the original red haired girl.

3.10.08, 5:42 PM
I know, they need to get another gene pool started in Salem. Too many Brady/Horton mixes here. If you haven't read Samantha Little's "Will Robert's Family Tree", you must. It's a hoot.

Just Samantha
3.10.08, 7:22 PM
Awwww, thanks KrisMich!! I try to update it whenever there is a big change, or a new character, or an old character finding new parents, etc.!!!!

3.11.08, 11:06 PM
speaking of new characters not related....lol, I don't care for Morgan Hollingsworth.

3.16.08, 12:40 PM
Chelsea is the one who was never wanted or needed.
Ciara was very much wanted (for a long time) and she is very much loved and cherished (just like Zack).
Just not to TIIC.