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3.4.08, 10:30 AM
Well I am up a little bit early but slept in some. Suppose to be warming up today. I am so tired of being at home all the time though be glad when my vehicle gets fixed so I can get out again. Any ways I am still looking for a job too. I did apply at the hospital my friend works at cause that might work out cause so far only had one interview and all here. Hopefully someone will call soon! Well I have to call about a few things today and maybe do some cleaning! Take care all!:glasses4:

3.4.08, 10:55 AM
At last some rain here in Eastern Cape!! Brought the temp down by a few degrees, although still very humid, but a lot more pleasant. Was able to actually do some housework without breaking out into torrents of sweat. Great!. Good luck on the job hunting Julie, will keep fingers crossed. ;)

3.4.08, 10:58 AM
Thanks to Dragonmom for making me welcome. Love Africa despite all it's misfits and bad politics (and no electricity most of the time), wouldn't want to live anywhere else. I call it "character building". haha

3.4.08, 3:51 PM
Well Lynjay glad you got some much needed rain! That must be so hard there as hot as it can get! And no electricity? Girl I'd never make it! LOL Well maybe I would cause I do like to rough it now and then but I'm spoiled by that luxury here! Glad your enjoying Africa and hope your weather stays cool!:winkq:

Well got a lot done today so far. Phone calls made a few were kind of discouraging got turned down on the job at the animal hospital oh well that is life right? Will keep trying I reapplied online at Petco and hope to hear from my friends hospital too soon!:blush2ey:

3.5.08, 6:53 PM
Lyn have you always lived in Africa..if not, how did you end up living there?Sounds very exciting..despited no electricity some of the time! Guess I"m like Julie..spoiled..ha ha. Julie...I haven't chatted with you today, but hope things look brighter for you real soon! My day went fine.

3.5.08, 9:47 PM
Dragsy glad you had an OK Day. I did too! I slept in then got up and played on the computer and applied for some jobs online. Then we went and got my Jimmy and drove it back. Then went and I applied at Walmart. Then we ate lunch at a noodle place. Then came home and got stuff out of the basement and put it in the garage and then cleaned the living room carpet and front entery carpet too. So it looks good now. So that was my day! LOL Now I'm watching American Idol.:blush2ey:

3.6.08, 1:22 AM
Hi there. Was born in Africa - Zimbabwe to be exact (or at that time Rhodesia). Have lived in Zim my entire life but was forced to leave (after my house was burnt down) 3 1/2 yrs ago and came to South Africa. Have a sister in Cape Town who managed to help us get going again. Like I say "character building". Absolutely love Africa tho and not ready yet to shut the door on Zim, hoping to go back one day.
Hope you both had a lovely Wednesday. Mine was good. Keep well.

3.6.08, 8:41 AM
Lyn..this is so interesting. So good to get to know you! I don't have much time on here to tell my life history..ha ha. But I'll give you a brief history..how about that? I live in the USA..Louisiana. My father was in the military (air force) for 20 years so we moved a lot. Been to Guam and Okinawa and several places in the United States. Visited Japan once too. Also been to Mexico and Hawai on vacations. My father was from Georgia, USA and my mom from Louisiana, USA. We ended up back in Louisiana when my father retired from the air force. Then he worked for the Postal Service for many years after that. He passed away in 1999. My mother is still living. I've been married 31 happy years to Terry, we have two grown children and have two grandson's..and two step grandchildren. Sorry to hear about your house burning down. Was it due to war...or what? Well..I guess I typed more than planned..ha ha. So now you know a bit about me!

3.6.08, 11:04 AM
Lynjay Dragsy is a good friend of mine we have known each other for quite some time.
Any ways I'm from Wyoming orginally and I've got two boys and I am currently trying to get my life back on track and get a career in Colorado. I have 4 grand children and I'm going to go to Vet Tech school here soon hopefully. I have a lot of dreams I'm trying to make come true. Glad your enjoying Zim and stuff I wouldn't be able to survive without my electricity though LOL Not forever any ways. Take care!:winkq:

3.7.08, 2:04 AM
Wow. U have certainly seen the world! I have only been out of Africa once and that was for a 3week holiday to a friend of the family in Perth, Australia. Never had the opportunity, but would love to travel some day. Have 2 daughters, Dee (16) and Kerry (14). Both beautiful and intelligent. Married to Dave for 17yrs and still going strong. It always great to have good friends. I still have some left in Zim, but am struggling to make new ones here. Suppose time will tell. Keep in touch by email tho.
I grew up on a mine and have always loved the bush, big open spaces. Am hoping to find a place out of town here, as finding the town life a bit constricting. Although not very big town - total of one robot - max traffic jam is 4 cars! Still the yards are small and I like the space.
Lost my house due to War Veterans burning around my area. No worries, none of us were hurt, only lost material things. Was sad to lose all my Mother's stuff tho.
Sounds like you both have lovely families. Bet the grandchildren get spoilt rotten!!! My turn still to come some day.
Must go get groceries now. Have a good day

3.7.08, 12:19 PM
Glad you are OK. Wow you lost everything huh? I can't imagine losing material things to a fire! But I have lot things before but only due to a divorce etc. not a fire. Well glad you at least got to go to Australia. Bet that was fun! I've been all the way to Canada too lived there for about 4 years! Was nice up there. But doubt I'll ever go back to live except maybe for a visit is all. Any ways Take care and I hope you got your Groceries!:winkq: