View Full Version : So sick of Chelsea...

3.4.08, 9:03 AM
Every time I see vampira walk through the door with that long horse face I can't grab the remote fast enough. She is just one horrible character (and actress). I've never seen a more brooding, morose girl in my life. She should be recast in Beetlegeuse or The Addams Family or something. She is just not what I would want for a daughter of Bo (or Billie for that fact). I just had to get that off my chest.

3.4.08, 11:33 AM
Join the club! I HATE Chelsea too!

3.4.08, 11:40 AM
Well, for me, I hated Chelsea in the beginning but once she started to change her ways, I began to like her. I even find myself feeling sorry for her these days. When she's not struggling to get herself out of a self made ( or otherwise) sticky situation, someone she knows and loves is either dying or have died. Although there is a dark cloud over her head now, Chelsea is still a little girl looking to be accepted and loved.

3.4.08, 5:23 PM
Chelsea is not some poor misunderstood child, she's a grown pitiful pathetic adult coward.

3.4.08, 7:01 PM
she's been hit and miss for me. I think they really should at least style her clothes and hair better. She's a waff.

3.8.08, 2:10 AM
Choking on my citrus punch.......lol, horse face. I think she'd be cute if they done something with her hair. I can't believe the show is getting rid of Shawn and Belle and keeping Chelsea, I say send her off to be with Billie.

3.8.08, 12:53 PM
I have not forgiven her for the death of Zach and will continue to hate this little mess. I agree I can't BELIEVE they are letting Shawn and Belle go and keeping this little troll. Ugh move her along

3.9.08, 1:31 AM
seems like they are doing a nightgale story with her and dr. jonas.

3.9.08, 6:00 PM
Chelsea and Dr. Jonas are not a match. It sickens me to think of them together. He's way too old for her. But, then again, I get sick at the thought of her and Nick...puke!

I agree, they need to send Chelsea off with Billie. I hate how they are portraying her as this poor little critter in mourning. When the Bensons died, she shed a few tears but then all she thought about after that was getting into Patrick Lockhart's pants. When she killed Zack, she was more concerned about doing jail time than what she did to the poor little boy or his family. They should have left Chelsea (Georgia) in the Bayou.

3.10.08, 9:08 AM
Maybe Dr. Jonas can slip Chelsea something that will kill her. Now, there's a storyline I'd tune in for!