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3.3.08, 10:40 AM
Well it's very cold again this morning only about 9 above! Wow this is the coldest it's been here so far for us! But suppose to get up in the 40's so that should be at least some what warmer right? Any ways Got a lot to do with phone calls etc. and getting my Jimmy towed today too! Hopefully I will find out that I can get it done and repaired cheaply! Wish me luck!:winkq:

3.3.08, 12:01 PM
Sounds like you have busy day ahead (and cold too). Good luck. Another sweltering day here. The closest I have come to snow is looking at it on the tips of the mountains in Cape Town. Would love to see up close. Off to cook supper now, have a great Monday.

3.3.08, 1:12 PM
Lyn...you live in Africa? COOL. We are having winds here and getting a bit cooler..but no snow. We very seldom get snow. We live in Louisiana. Julie is in Denver, Colorado.

3.3.08, 4:29 PM
Well Lyn If I could figure out how to show you a picture here I would. But if you want I can email you one some how! LOL :) You'd love it here very pretty! :winkq: