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3.3.08, 2:33 AM
Okay, first of all I have to say congrats to shortness. Even if I obviously would've preferred a different outcome. ;-) it was great to see Jr so competitive again! Looking forward to Atlanta next week.
What a hard hit Gordon took! And Stewart as well. Glad to see they're okay. I thought Stewart's interview was funny.
I was in bed with the flu all day so I didn't get to see the whole race.
How are you doing in your fantasy league, shortness?
We finally got our cable installed this week so I got to see a little of raceday this morning. I'm just glad I won't have to miss half the season this year!
Well have a great week ladies!

3.3.08, 1:31 PM
oh yeah! double backflip! love seeing the fords be competitive this year. last year was rough on them & therefore hard for me to be excited about NASCAR.

those were some rough wrecks yesterday. gordon said it was the hardest he'd ever hit. speaking of rough - that's how i'm doing in my fantasy league. took a hit the last 2 weeks in a row. yesterday i had johnson - who sucked right out of the gate at a track he's always been good at. and i had riggs - who was doing great til he wrecked. oh well, i'll get 'em next week.

glad to hear you got cable tigger. no more going to the pizza place or wherever & hoping they have the race on! keep the screaming at home this way. ;)

as for atlanta - i'm thinking triple backflip!!!

hope everyone is doing well. i'm still swamped at work, i have worked either saturday or sunday of every weekend so far this year. but i think i'm finally seeing the light. and we're going to hire a couple more people for the office, so that should help alot. my girls are doing fabulous. avery is 3 mos now. looks alot like her sister did. shelby will be 3 yrs on thursday! so i'm working on party prep. time sure flies.

take care all!