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3.2.08, 11:00 AM
Well guess what? It's snowing! And I mean not just a little bit! LOL Guess it's time for snow here in Colorado! I can't believe how much it's snowing. Well we are planning on staying in tell later on today until it calms down a wee bit. Cause it's really bad out side and we have crazy drivers here and all. But do need to get to Wally World later and get a few things. Well I think I will get some things done around here but not sure what. Maybe clean carpets since it is so nasty out right? Well hope everyone is having a nice Sunday!:blush2ey:

3.2.08, 10:41 PM
Did you clean carpets today? Yeah..well, we got a little painting done and this afternoon...we went to the movies. Sorry you got so much snow and here it is March.

3.3.08, 1:01 AM
Hi. Just reading your Sunday post and find it interesting that it snowing in yr part of the world and here (South Africa) we have a day of 32C and stinking hot! Hope you got your shopping okay. Keep smiling

3.3.08, 9:38 AM
Hey Lynjay! Welcome to KaffeKlatch Yep I lived in Wyoming where we've been getting a lot of snow and now I live in Colorado. So your in africa? Cool! I've always wanted to go there! My niece did she loved it! Well any ways 32 is about 70 I believe or higher so that is very warm! Well Take care! :winkq: