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3.2.08, 6:35 AM
Anyone out there a Stephen King fan? I love his work, my best being Dark Tower Series and The Talisman/Black House. Am waiting anxiously to read his new Duma Key. Hasn't arrived in South Africa yet, but expecting it soon.

3.7.08, 12:46 AM
I love Stephen King. I just started reading Duma Key, and it's good so far. I'm sure you will enjoy it.

3.7.08, 3:09 AM
Was beginning to think I was the only King fan! Great. Am looking forward to Duma Key. Has just arrived in South Africa so am going to head off and buy it. Must say my best have been The Talisman/Black House and, of course, Dark Tower Series.

colette h
3.7.08, 4:12 PM
Stephen King has teamed up with John Mellencamp and they are preparing a musical. It will have its premiere in Atlanta in 2009. Then probably it will be on Broadway.

2.25.09, 3:03 PM
Stephen King, as a horror author, cant end a book. I like his book up until the last chapter usually.