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3.2.08, 6:28 AM
Hi to you all. I am new to Coffeerooms and am looking forwarding to swapping views with everyone out there. I am Zimbabwean, forced now to live in SA, but still hoping to get home someday. Looking forward to meeting you all.;) Lynjay

3.2.08, 12:05 PM
Welcome :) From photos I've seen, South Africa looks like a beautiful country.

3.3.08, 4:44 AM
Thanks. Africa is a beautiful place. Unfortunately it seems to be on a downward spiral at the moment (politically) but I could not imagine living anywhere else! I was devastated to leave Zimbabwe, one of the most beautiful countries in Africa, but one never knows, maybe I will be able to return someday. Here's hoping.

5.5.08, 10:09 PM
Hello S. Africa:
I am from Michigan in the USA.
My younger daughter just got finished with her term paper.
She had to choose an animal in the world. She picked African Penguins. She loves penguins, another student choose penguins she had her heart set on doing penguins.
Her teacher told her no so i went on line to see what other penguins there was, I knew there was 17 different species of penguins. So she went to school the next day and her teacher told her there was no such thing. So that night I went online and printed a few pictures and info. on African penguins, then took it to the teacher after school and presented to her and she let my daughter do the penguins.
I hope we can be friends.
Your new far away friend KAT
Talk to ya real soon

5.6.08, 12:34 AM
Hello and welcome!!

5.6.08, 1:48 AM
Hi Kathy. Lovely to hear from others in lands far away. I love the penguins, they are really cute. Glad your daughter got to do her paper on them. My sister (lives in CapeTown) got involved in a Penguin rescue a few year ago after a nasty oil spill. She said they were really cute, despite the pecking, and felt really proud to be part of the rescue team.
Africa is full of wonderful animals and we are blessed to be a part of it.:D
Keep in touch

7.11.08, 10:39 AM