View Full Version : Is anyone liking the new Coffee Rooms format??

5.30.07, 9:52 AM
I was wondering if everyone likes the new look of Coffee Rooms? I am one who takes time to adapt to new formats and layouts.

5.30.07, 10:30 AM
Almost every other message board I post at is in vBulletin format, so this is great for me. I can see how it would take some getting used to if all you are familiar with is the old-style Coffeerooms format though.

6.1.07, 12:47 AM
Yes, I like it. I was uncertain at first, but once you learn your way around its great. I like the right to choose different colors and I really like seeing several posts on the same page. You don't have to keep going back all the time. Annie, Mike and Oda have done a great job. Thanks!
:) CJ

6.1.07, 11:50 AM
Thank you so much soapyCJ! We're so glad you and others are really starting to enjoy the new format. Really makes our day!

Salem Phoenix
6.3.07, 3:00 PM
Yes, Like it very much, it's a tad different than the board I post on usually but it's a refreshing change. Good job guys..

Linda J.
6.18.07, 4:47 PM
This is new to me, I do miss the other, but this is my first day with it like this. I will have to see. Hmbrd50

6.19.07, 1:05 AM
I'm still undecided I guess. I really liked how quickly and ez it was to navigate the old boards. I mean, really, I could do it with my eyes closed! LOL. The new ones are not especially difficult to use, but it does take some getting used to. =I

I'm still more loyal to the old boards at this point, I guess.

6.19.07, 2:37 PM
Just curious... I'm not trying to convince anyone, but what part of the navigation is easier on the old boards? Maybe it's something I can fix here. And has everyone found the "Today's Posts" up in the Quick Links spot? And the Forum Jump menus?

Things are still settling out and any imput you can give me will help a lot.


6.21.07, 6:25 PM
I like it very much Annie. I'm not the most adaptable person in the world......in fact, to be honest.....I hate change. But, this is a case where the change is a great thing and with very little work, easy to figure out. It's comparable to another well known message board where you have to pay for some of the features you've given us just because we're all such fun people! Thanks for all the hard work and caring if we like the format or not. It has perfect pitch, easy to dance to and.....whoops! Sorry, my mind may have switched to something else.

6.24.07, 11:13 AM
I LIKE THE NEW FORMAT.I am very familiar with this kind of message board because I post another one just like it.it allowed me to print in color.I had stopped coming here because I couldn't do that.The only flaw is that you cannot add pictures to the bottom of your post.and if there is away of doing that I only wish that I could figure it out.

7.1.07, 1:40 PM
I'm not sure--what a shock at how its changed! First impression--truthfully I hated it. But I will give it a chance.

12.8.07, 3:46 PM
No, I like the old one much better. JMHO.

4.15.08, 3:42 PM
I like it alot. I wish though there was a way to view new posts and not have certain scetions come up. At least until the election, I cant stand the normal politics bantering. It's just not for me.

11.3.08, 7:44 PM
I agree. I really love the old boards more but I'm just getting back and trying to figure this out.

11.3.08, 7:48 PM
I cannot find some of the old boards on the new boards, like Beatitudes, unless i go to the old boardhop. :)
I am kindof liking this setup, I guess it will take some getting used too. Also, I do not know how to start a new Post of my own other than replying to someone elses.
Gosh, I feel clueless. lol