View Full Version : It's Saturday.........

3.1.08, 11:33 AM
And I'm stuck home with no wheels and have to study! I wish I could do something fun but alas no money to do so! GRRR! Well any ways I am hoping my friend and I can do something fun on Sunday since she is off. That is if she doesn't decide to work me to death cleaning these carpets again! I have a feeling though she might we will see I might ask her what her plans are and go from there. But they do need cleaning. But I do need to study too. Well hope all is well and everyone is having a great weekend. I hope you have a good weekend Dragsy.:winkq:

3.1.08, 10:48 PM
Work went ok for me today. Nothing eventful happened..but nothing bad happened either. Was just an ok day..but glad it's over..since I'm off the next three days! Might be doing some painting tomorrow on the outside of the house..where Terry can help. I have a dr. appt Tues. Just a follow up on my knee..which btw..is doing better. Still tender at times..but I'm getting around. Julie..hope you get your wheels fixed soon..and I am praying for the best for the next time you take that test. And also praying for you a job soon. Hang in there hon!!

3.2.08, 10:55 AM
Well glad work went well for you yesterday etc. I guess today you'll be painting. I hope that goes well. I am sure it will.

Well it's OK I'm just being spoiled I guess use to having my wheels you know? Now that I'm without I'm a wee bit grumpy I suppose! LOL Any ways yea I am sure Susan and I will get it fixed tomorrow when the weather clears up. Well take care!:winkq: