View Full Version : Good Friday morning to all

2.29.08, 8:42 AM
Just wanted to say hi before heading to work. I'm still having my coffee right now trying to wake up. Hope everyone has a great day and great weekend!

2.29.08, 4:36 PM
Hello Dragsy! Well I didn't get on here tell this afternoon! Cause we had to go out and run some errands etc. So back from that. Hope you have a good day at work!:winkq:

I'm just vegging tell everyone gets back. I am watching the littlest one my friends grand daughter she is so cute. We put up her princess set. Maybe I'll take a picture of it or something. pretty cute it's from the Barbie collection. Guess we got to spoil her right? Any ways got a call from the place I went to the interview for! They wanted references so I sent them to her Via e-mail! So that is a good sign right? Well might here back who knows! But just in case I also applied at some more places too. Well take care all and have a great day!:blush2ey:

2.29.08, 11:31 PM
Julie...well..at least we can chat this way. Msn still not working right for you? So you didn't pass that test..darn it. When do you retake it? I also posted replied on myspace. And that sounds good about the job at the vets..or perhaps something better will come along. I'll be praying Julie. And did your uncle get your stuff for you?

3.1.08, 11:30 AM
Thanks Dragsy! I will keep you posted OK? Right now I'm just having a hard time. Since I didn't pass and I have no wheels as of yet. Seems when it rains it poors. Kinda bringing me down a bit but I'm trying to stay positive and hope I get a job here soon etc. Just pray I can continue to get things done etc. that I might get a job quickly right now is the first priority and studying for that test again. Thanks!:winkq: