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5.29.07, 4:45 PM
What a cute premise for a movie. The only other movie I've seen about a fictional character becoming real was a Stephen King flick called "The Dark Half".
Stranger Than Fiction was really amusing and I loved Emma Thompson's and Dustin Hoffman's performances. I'm so-so about Will Ferrell, I think they could have cast someone better in the leading role.

5.30.07, 1:32 AM
I loved this movie. We actually saw it in a theater, a rare thing for us these days. emma Thimpson was wonderful. I wonder who might have been a better shoice that WF. He was better than I was afraid he would be, was concerned he might mug his way through it, but the director had him under control.

I haven't seen the Stephen King you mentioned... worth a netflixing?

5.30.07, 9:44 AM
I loved the Dark Half. Atleast I remember loving it, lol! As a King fan, you'd probably dig it. It's kind of a spoof on himself if I remember correctly. Author takes on pen name that ends up being his other half (I won't go into details and spoil it). Yada yada, other half is eeevil. lol

Wasn't there a similar plot (author controls a life) in a movie with John Candy or something?

5.30.07, 10:28 AM
Yes Annie, I think "The Dark Half" is worth netflixing...jeeze another "net-word" like "googling". :D