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2.27.08, 11:40 AM
Let's do some arithmatic here (even though I'm not good at math). In the Colleen/Santo scenes Shawn appeared to be about 10 or 11 and Stefano was about 11 or 12. So, if Colleen got pregnant with John at that time then that would make Stefano roughly 12 or 13 years older than John. Now, I've been assuming Stefano and Shawn were in their mid 70s. I know that Roman/Bo/Kayla/Kimberly seem to stay perpetually in their early 40s since Kayla is PREGNANT!! But, I digress. There is no way Shawn or Stefano is only in their 60s. So, how old is John? In real life he's like 54 and Marlena is close to if not 60 (and she was also PREGNANT not long ago). Anyway, the age thing drives me crazy!!!

Just Samantha
2.27.08, 12:50 PM
Being that this is Day, we must set aside the "age" thing! LOL!

For crying out loud, EJ should only be a pre-teen, right?

3.8.08, 9:03 PM
Well, Sami is about 28 and Will is how old??????

3.9.08, 5:53 PM
Yup, they goofed on the age thing with John. I thought about that when they first revealed that he was Stefano's younger brother. But, with this soap, anything goes.

I think it's on SoapNet where there is a spoof commercial on SORA's. It tells how old people are supposed to be and how they are being portrayed. I think it said EJ should be 8. LOL!

3.10.08, 3:03 PM
I never saw anyone grow up faster than Abby. :D

3.10.08, 5:02 PM
Remember when they de-aged her? She was about 11 and then they made her like 5 again. It was strange. Then she went off to college.

3.10.08, 5:35 PM
The funniest SORA had to be Belle and Brady. They were little tiny kids when John and Marlena got married. J & M went on their Honeymoon from Hell to Hawaii and when they came home, "Tink" bounces down the staircase as a teenager and Brady was away at Baseball Camp for the next year.

Just Samantha
3.10.08, 7:32 PM
Oh yeah, I remember that. Wasn't that when Kirsten Storms took over the role?