View Full Version : Over the Hump day.......

2.27.08, 11:43 AM
Well here it is over the hump day and I'm achy and sore from all that walking I did yesterday. Under stress cause this is my last day to study and all and also got to deal with my Jimmy and my stuff in the other place yet. Can we say things come in three's? Also concerned about still getting a job since I haven't gotten one yet. So please keep me in your prayers OK? Lot's of stress today. Any ways plan on just staying here and studying my brains out maybe taking a few breaks that is about it. Take care all!:blush2ey:

2.27.08, 11:17 PM
How did the studying go? Don't stress...all's gonna be ok. Work went alright for me. You said "over the hump day"..well, for me it was my Monday..since I'm off Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays. Actually Wal-Mart was kinda slow today..shock..shock..ha ha. But come Friday and Saturday, that will be a different story!! LOL Watched American Idol..I had taped it..and about to hop in the shower then watch Days which I taped.

2.28.08, 10:54 AM
Well I knew it was your Monday. Glad it went slow for you at Wally World! That helps doesn't it? Well studied yesterday and took breaks but think I'm ready! I nice and clean and sharp this morning! LOL Wish me luck!:p