View Full Version : Who's Ava?

2.26.08, 6:05 PM
Who does everyone thing this Ava will turn out to be? Her "daddy" must be rich and powerful. I'm no good at figuring these things out. Just curious as to who the people here think it will be.

2.26.08, 7:13 PM
I don't think any of us have any idea. Even longtime viewers are stumped.

Just Samantha
2.27.08, 12:49 PM
Maybe Lawrence Alamain is her dad.

3.6.08, 12:38 AM
Ava is a mysterious woman from Steve's past, and she seems to be obsessed with him and calls him Patch. Ava is portrayed by Tamara Braun, who is best known for her role as Carly on "General Hospital". If you'd like to know more about Tamara Braun, check out my new Yahoo! Group dedicated to her:

3.7.08, 3:39 PM
How about Ernesto Tuscano??? I don't remember much about him, but it's a thought.

3.9.08, 1:56 AM
so the flashbacks of her and steve - arent ones that really were aired years ago correct?

3.30.08, 11:46 PM
Steve's girlfriend when he didn't know who he was, she was a
mobster's daughter and apparently she's interested in him ag
ain and caused the plane crash that killed shawn.