View Full Version : Tues..Feb. 26

2.26.08, 11:55 AM
Good morning all!! I'm so tired..didn't sleep well last night. I'll probably sneak in a nap today. We had rain during the night..probably part of my problem..it woke me up. I had trouble falling back to sleep. And the sun finally came out..but quite windy. I don't think I'm gonna try painting today. Not sure yet. Julie..I know you are probably at your interview..or on the way. I hope it goes well..keeping you in prayer for that..and for your Jimmy, getting your stuff in Wyoming..and for the tests you take Thursday.

2.27.08, 11:41 AM
Thanks I'm kind of like God why me today? LOL I can't let it get me down though right? I'm praying God will work it all out! I'm sure he will I just have to be patient he knows what is best for me after all. I just pray I can get my uncle or someone in my church back home to get my stuff and keep it tell I can come back for it or Harvey can bring it is all! Well in the mean time the interview went well. So just waiting on her response. Got to study today as usual cause tomorrow is the test. Plus also take practice tests today to for speed! So we shall see how it goes I will keep you up dated! :blush2ey:

2.27.08, 11:15 PM
When's the test tomorrow?

2.28.08, 10:52 AM
Yep today is my test! But I studied and did some high speed testing online. Guess what? My scores were high! Yipee! LOL I'm confident and ready for my test! :)