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2.26.08, 12:33 AM
Two different characters - same guy?

Do we know Ava from his past or is this someone we'll find out is from his past. I've been watching for years but I guess NOT that long! lol

2.26.08, 10:25 AM
I didn't watch when Patch and Kayla were on years ago. I assumed that maybe when he had his memory blackout Patch was just a normal nickname for a guy wearing an eye patch! LOL! Wouldn't she be a little too young to be part of his old life? She's a nut either way!

2.26.08, 1:06 PM
lol, I thought that too. Wasnt there another guy named patch on another soap though??

Just Samantha
2.27.08, 1:58 PM
When Patch joined the show (in the 80's), he went by Patch (for obvious reasons), but it was known that his name is Steve. People called him by both names.

I remember a publicity picture of Patch, Kayla and a newborn baby Stephanie, where they had a tiny red velvet heart-shaped patch over Stephanie's one eye (I think she was born on Valentine's Day).

2.27.08, 2:46 PM
thank you for the information!

Just Samantha
2.27.08, 2:49 PM
It took awhile for it to come out that he was Jo and Duke's son and that Adrienne and Jack were his younger sister and brother.

2.27.08, 8:32 PM
Jack as in Jack & Jennifer???

Just Samantha
2.27.08, 8:42 PM
Yes, Jack Deveraux was really Billy Johnson. Jo Johnson (Patch's mom) gave him up for adoption and he was adopted by Senator Harper Deveraux (who eventually turned into a killer). It eventually came out that Jack was really Billy Johnson and Patch's real baby brother. Patch gave Jack a kidney (I think) years ago, or maybe it was bone marrow. I'd have to look at my Days "history" book to be sure which one.

2.27.08, 9:37 PM
I appreciate the knowledge!! I had no idea. Thanks.

Just Samantha
2.27.08, 9:39 PM
Did you know that Jack and Kayla were married and that he raped her?

2.28.08, 12:53 PM
Yes..thats right...Adrienne is the youngest. She somehow found out about Steve and went looking for him...As I recall..Steve didn't know about Adrienne for some reason. I think Steve ran away as a teen because of the abuse from Duke & Jo ended up giving of Jack to protect him and had Adrienne later.

As far as this sociopath named Ava, she is from his recent past..not as far back as Kayla/Patch/Steve past. She is coming off as some very unstable rich girl who couldn't get what she wanted & Daddy couldn't pay for what she wanted and now she is exacting revenge.

Just Samantha
2.29.08, 10:07 PM
Ava's storyline is sounding like the Megan Hathaway's storyline.

(Megan Hathaway was some rich guy's daughter, but it turned out her real father was Stefano. He let the Hathaways raise her. She had supposedly gone to high school with Bo and then abruptly was taken to Europe with her family right after graduation. She came back to Salem years later and told Bo she had been pregnant with his baby and had a little boy that her parents put up for adoption. They hunted for the child. Megan, who was evil, paid some hooker for her child. She took the boy and told Bo it was their child. Eventually it all came out and the hooker, Diane, was reformed and she got the child back. Megan was furious and hated Hope for "stealing" Bo from her. She rigged a hot tub at the Body Connection, so Hope would be electrocuted and die. Before Hope came in, Megan and Larry Welch argued and she slipped and fell into the hot tub and died. Coincidentally, the little boy, who Bo believed to be his child, was named Zack; ironic that 25 years later, Bo & Hope's son would have the same name.)