View Full Version : Good Sunday evening to all

2.24.08, 9:18 PM
We've been busy today. Painted on the house...the outside. Got the front done..three more sides to go..yikes!!! LOL Actually one full side..then under the eaves on three sides..since a lot of it is brick..thank goodness!!! We got a new front door installed last week. Trying to get the house to look nice again. Giving it a face lift so to speak..LOL.

2.25.08, 12:43 AM
Well glad you got it all done! I'm sure it looks great! I'm sure it looks much better now. I'll have to go check it out and see. :)

Well I had a busy day we went to Cheyenne today for my friends Step daughters birthday party was fun we had pizza and cake with ice cream. Then came back. Been watching the Oscars now. Was going to go back to get my stuff but the roads are closed. So will have to wait another day I think. Bummer huh? Well take care!:)