View Full Version : Is Stefano leaving?

2.23.08, 4:37 PM
I saw a picture of Stefano in SOD and the caption was, "I'm leaving because the show is crazy" or something like that. Does that mean Stefano is leaving the show? I'm wondering if I missed out on that announcement. :rolleyez:

2.23.08, 8:57 PM
When has the show been anything but crazy? That seems like an odd statement that Joe Mascolo would make. Everything surrounding his character (Stefano) has been crazy.

2.23.08, 9:38 PM
I think I saw that too, and if it's the same story I read, it's that when he was on the show the first time, he finally had to leave because it got too "crazy" when Jill Faren Phelps left the Head Writer position. That's when he went to B & B. I don't think he's leaving now.

2.26.08, 7:07 PM
After watching today's show, that question was answered.

2.26.08, 8:14 PM
I think there's going to be a big power struggle between John and Stefano and I think that's a great storyline!