View Full Version : Good Thursday morning to all

2.21.08, 10:46 AM
Just wanted to say hi before heading to work. It rained all day yesterday evening and through the night. Just a small drizzle now. I think more is expected throughout the day. But it's not that cold...at least. Hope everyone has a good day!

2.21.08, 11:25 PM
Hey getting on here kind of late again! Well I had a pretty good day. Hope work went well for you! I did make it to Bel-Rea today and got my financial end pretty much taken care of. Which is good. I am pretty much set except for the exam now. So that is next Thursday morning so got to study hard tell then. Got my truck filled with gas again and got some cleaning done around here too so pretty nice day. We are expecting some snow tomorrow and also my friends hubby will be bringing my stuff so tomorrow will be a busy day for me. Well take care!:blush2ey: