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2.21.08, 10:32 AM
Exactly how cold is it at the crash site? Hope is freezing (of course there's no meat on her bones), Belle is walking around with her coat unbuttoned and EVERYONE gets naked at night and has sex. LOL! No frostbite. No hyperthermia. Just cold naked sex. LOL!

2.21.08, 12:11 PM
lmao I thought that too - Hope looked like she was already gone at one point. But then almost everyone else was all hot and heavy.

2.21.08, 1:40 PM
So true. Here they are all cut and bruised and freezing and yet they find the energy to do the deed. I had to laugh. Not something most people would think of doing in a time of crisis. Okay, put me in a tent with a healthy Bo Brady and I might...LOL!