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2.20.08, 11:30 AM
Well..we've all been MIA haven't we? Hope everyone's doing well. We are all fine here. I bowled last night..after sitting out 4 weeks. I didn't bowl that good..ha ha...but knee did ok. I work a knee brace just in case. I work a weird shift today...11:30-3:30. A short day..but that's ok. I get out of there..and it's still daylight..lol. Hope everyone has a great Wednesday. And remember American idol is on again tonight!! Saw the guys sing last night..I taped it. It was really good!!! I want your input Sheri!! There were only three out of the bunch I didn't really care for..but they weren't really that bad...just not as good as the others.

2.20.08, 12:07 PM
Hi draonmom,
I am glad your knee is getting better. I can't tell ya what I think of American Idol. I don't watch it.Lol But I know you love it,so have fun watching!
I have been busy with changing my lifestyle.Eating healthy and exercising. I told you that my blood tests weren't so good right before christmas. Well I started eating healthy right away. was even good during the holidays.Now I have more energy and i lost weight. My new blood test resul;ts came back monday and They are perfect. Matter of fact my cholesterol is even a tad too low and I have low iron again. So my doc told me to ease up just a bit and take iron pills. Woohoo I id it! She was going to put me on lipitor before christmas and I told her I can do it without meds.
Anyways how are the grandkids and Kids? We are all well here. Winter just won't leave this year .We are expected to have a high of 24 today and snow again.Brrrrr
Have a great day!

2.20.08, 1:56 PM
Good morning Dragsy and Coffenut!

Dragsy I'm so glad you were able to bowl last night and did OK I know the knee will take a while to get better right? Well I'm sure the bowling will get better too! Hang in there!:)

Coffenut sounds great what you are doing with your health! My friend and I are on the same health kick! Trying to eat right and lower our BP and all so we are working hard but we also did a total make over on the outside too! Got our hair cut and etc. so was cool that way too! Well any ways let me know if you want to see the new me! I'm sure you look terrific as well! Take care!:blush2ey:

2.20.08, 11:47 PM
Hi there...just finished watching Am. Idol..about 40 minutes ago. I just love the show!! I know some don't watch..and that's ok too.
Coffenut..so proud of you getting your cholestrol under control..eating right..losing weight and exercising. Very very good!! Julie want to email me your pictures?

2.21.08, 12:25 AM
Hey Dragsy got to see part of American Idol my friend and I went out and ate at Red Lobster tonight then went shopping again at Wally World! I have to get to bed early tonight cause in the morning I have a meeting at Bel-Rea to get my FASA finally done was having problems with it all grrr! Any ways I'm so excited about going tomorrow my place for all the animals etc. you know haha! I checked out Petco for a job today too so they told me to look online. Well yes Dragsy I will email you pictures tomorrow when I get them all down loaded ok? Just haven't gotten that far yet. Well TTFN:p

2.21.08, 11:45 AM
Sounds like you had a nice evening yesterday Julie. And best of luck getting all that FASA done..and good luck too with the job hunting. Keeping you in prayer!

2.22.08, 3:52 PM
Thanks I should be doing that now! LOL Studying though get my fractions down. I need to start looking for a job though guess I better get my but in gear huh? Take care! :)

2.23.08, 1:01 PM
hi Julie and Dragonmom.
Dragonmom thanks! I am proud of myself to for sticking to it. And you know what,it's not all that hard.
Julie,if you would like to work with animals,how about trying some veterinarians? My daughter is going to college to be a veterinarian and she works part time at a vet clinic. They adjust her hours according to her school schedule. Good luck with everything!