View Full Version : WHERE THE H#LL is Ciara?

2.20.08, 2:44 AM
Just in case TPTB have forgotten who she is...she's the long awaited and wished for daughter of Bo and Hope - one of the top SuperCouples that helped MAKE THIS SHOW?

I can't believe how this show treats that poor little girl like total and utter cr@p. Allie and Claire get airtime galore and their own storylines centering around them but Ciara gets diddly squat.

I shouldn't even HAVE to beg for Bo and Hope's D-A-U-G-H-T-E-R to get any airtime (if ANY at all).

I have lost all (well, what little is left of it anyway) respect for this show. Boy, things must be REALLY BAD when a toddler can't even be shown once a month for a few seconds anymore - unless it's Shelle's or Sami's daughter, LMAO.

2.20.08, 3:01 PM
I was going to ask the same question. I don't think I've even heard Bo or Hope mention her. You would think they would at least put it in the script for her parents to be concerned about her and the possiblity of never seeing her again. And who is keeping her? Everyone that babysits for her is at the police station, including Maggie.

2.20.08, 7:08 PM
true. sadly i forgot too.

but I thought the little actress that plays clare did great this week - I never cared for her, but was impressed this week.

2.23.08, 8:04 PM
Ciara was aged, is now older than Claire, and is off at college.

Just Samantha
2.27.08, 1:02 PM
Actually, Ciara got conked on the head while at college and now suffers from multiple personalities (like her Aunt Kim Brady did at one time), one of which is Ava!! No one has seen Ciara in so long that Steve doesn't realize that Ciara and Ava are the same person!!! LOL!