View Full Version : Does Kate have amnesia???

2.20.08, 12:14 AM
When Kate and Victor where in the church today, Kate said
"Austin and Billie moved away, Lucas is in jail and all we have left is Phillip."

Doesn't Kate have children named Rex and Cassie also??

Was this a temporary writers error? Or is Days re writing history once again and we pretend Cassie and Rex don't exist?

Just Samantha
2.22.08, 10:59 PM
Probably just an "ooops" on the writer's part. They forget stuff like that all the time.

2.23.08, 10:36 AM
I know I would like to forget Rex and Cassie. They were one of the biggest programming mistakes ever!

2.23.08, 12:16 PM
If the writers want to rewrite history and make the twins belong to somebody else then do it already! Having Kate forget them and Kate and Roman never mention them is UNACCEPTABLE.

2.23.08, 7:53 PM
That was exactly what I thought --- what about Cassie and Rex, Kate? Apparently her biological alien twins who she didn't give birth to didn't mean much to her. Too bad they weren't at the recent Salem high reunion.

4.3.08, 9:34 AM
I have to agree that bringing in the alien twins was one of the worst storylines - although Rex was a good character, if his beginnings could've been different it would've helped though.....