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Dr. Mike
2.19.08, 11:17 AM
I'm a fan of "The View". No; really. To be specific, I'm a fan of the first half of the show; the part that is called "Hot Topics". (I sometimes skip the rest when it turns into YAPS -- Yet Another Pitch Show -- but will stick if they actually do a conversation with a visitor. That does happen on this show -- like used to be with Merv Griffin or Mike Douglas or Dick Cavett. But this isn't about the View...)

There are some Hot Topics that are really just a different aspect or handle on some nebulous recurring theme from humanity. These are valid and sometimes interesting (especially if a guest is involved, for a new take on it -- but I'm getting back onto The View again). Anyway, a week or two ago on the View one of these nebulous recurring hot topics had to do with interspousal awareness and communication. The angle that day was "things you get wrong unless or until your spouse tells you otherwise. Elisabeth Hasselbeck was talking (which is sort of like saying that she was breathing) a lot about it and offered one sort of trivial but eloquent example involving "Craisins".

Craisins are those delicious sweetened dried cranberries that come packaged like raisins and with a cutesy trademarked name. You know, "Craisins". (They seem to have spawned a mini-flood of copycats too; other dried fruits, slightly sweetened and shriveled or chopped into raisin sized nibbles. But that is Yet Another Topic for This'll Work. ;-)

Elisabeth said that she makes a salad to go with dinner for her family every day and has for years and that it has always included Craisins. (Elisabeth makes dinner? Who knew!) One day she was out of Craisins for the salad and apologized to husband Tim for it. She told him that she'd run out to get some but -- after all these years of her thinking that they were crucial to the salad -- Tim told her that he really didn't care for them that much anyway.

She was surprised. She thought that they were important enough to make a special trip to the store for. You know; like getting Tim's Craisins would save a child from being killed by President Bush's friends in Darfur or something. So this is like, to her, indicative of some sort of short in spousal communications. But now I'm going off on Elisabeth which really is a whole other topic. The voice like nails-across-chalkboard spewing the memorized wisdom of Rush O'Rielly; the selfishly lame ideas about what is good and what is evil. grrrrr Another topic.

The whole point here is Craisins. I love Craisins. A little less added sugar would be nice, but I don't care: I Love Craisins. Craisins make a tossed salad. Well; Craisins and freshly roasted pine nuts. ummmmm.

I suppose that a person is entitled to not care for Craisins; but I don't get it. What is not to love about Craisins? I love Craisins.