View Full Version : Chloe/Brady/Phillip Question (speculation)

2.19.08, 1:53 AM
Did Chloe tell Phillip what *really* happened to Brady?

2.19.08, 2:47 PM
No, she hasn't said much about anything yet. The only thing she's said is that they had a bad fight before he disappeared.

2.19.08, 3:54 PM
thank you. I thought I had read some spoilers that she was going to tell him more about it.

2.23.08, 9:47 PM
Absolutely can't stand Chloe now that she's back. I used to love her character.

2.25.08, 10:03 AM
I never liked Chloe and I don't see why they brought her back. I love Philip and I would like to see him get more involved in the show instead of just mooning over Belle. He should be working closely with Victor and scheming!

3.8.08, 10:00 PM
she had not told him what happened with Brady but she is involved up to her eyeballs.