View Full Version : Justin Brunig and Knight Rider

2.18.08, 10:10 AM
Anyone else watch the new Knight Rider? I enjoyed it. In fact I enjoyed it more than I expected to. But I have to say my favorite part was when it occured to me that Justin once again had a father named Michael Knight. Lol I'm sure it's already been talked about in articles and/or interviews, but I hadn't read or heard anything about the show so it just hit me during the show and I love that kind of trivial irony.
I am a little worried that Justin's arrogant style might wear thin on me after awhile, but for now I think we'll be watching. What did anyone else think? And where are you guys? If I, who HATE change, can move over to the new boards you all can bite the bullet and come on over too. lol!

4.21.08, 7:38 PM
I liked it, good show. I'm glad they are bringing it back as a series. He didn't strike me as arrogant, just messed-up and angry.

Suzanne Lanoue

4.25.08, 3:43 AM
I'm glad to hear they're bringing it back. I thought it was good. I find Justin's style to be arrogant. Didn't care for his Jamie character on AMC because of it, and it seemed to me that it carried over to the Knight Rider show, but it's been so long I don't really remember. lol I did enjoyed the show though and am looking forward to seeing where they go with it.

Myra T
6.30.08, 2:30 PM
Anyone know when the series will start? I, like you Tiggermom, enjoyed the Michael Knight connection. Something that is another strange coincidence, Catherine Hickland has been married to both David Hasselhoff and Michael Knight.

7.15.08, 5:36 PM
funny, I forgot about that. If I were doing the show I'd certainly make some plays on all that. I love those kinds of things, inside joke kind of stuff. But it has to be done well, especially in a drama show.

I don't know when it's supposed to start. I hope it can get off the ground after the way they've handled it.

11.15.08, 5:24 AM
So far I've only watched a few of the episodes...it's ok...I guess they are going to make some drastic changes because it's not doing so well...

Suzanne Lanoue

11.18.08, 5:55 AM
I haven't had a chance to see it again. There are so many other things to watch and limited tv time that I haven't had a chance to catch it. I hope they keep it around a little while so I can find it again. I guess I'll have to try to make a point of it. I recorded a couple of episodes but had to end up deleting them before I even watched them because I needed the space on my recorder. Now that Nascar is over for the season I can afford a little space on the dvr so maybe I'll try again. lol