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2.18.08, 8:55 AM
I know this is off-topic but it is about a fast car. lol
Okay, I know shortness, you and your hubby had to have watched knight rider, it does star a Ford Shelby Mustang after all! I have to say I enjoyed it more than I expected to.
I found it really funny that they chose Justin Brunig for the part of Michael Knight's son. Just in case you don't know, Justin used to play Jamie Martin on AMC and his father was Tad Martin, played by Michael E. Knight. I love that kind of irony.
So, did anyone watch and what did you think?

2.27.08, 10:58 AM
you are so right tigger, we watched knight rider for the car not for the actors! :)
newer versions of my old favs have a hard time living up to the original. KR was ok. is it supposed to be a series or not? we would probably continue to watch - mostly for the car though.

2.27.08, 11:26 AM
It is supposed to be a series but I can't find it in my listings so I don't know what happened.I'd hate to think they shut it down after one or two weeks. I know what you mean about new versions of old shows, I didn't expect to like it but it was pretty good, I'd watch it again, if they show it again. lol