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5.28.07, 12:14 AM
My name is Alleycat I am from canada and before anybody crucifies me I am a big fan of steve&kayla on DOOL,I have been a fan of theres since the 80s saw there whole story and still watch old clips of theres and came back to watching because they were coming back,I found the show was not very interesting when they left of course thats my opinion before the wolves come to get me because I stated that.I have been enjoying the storyline so far not so much the nuthouse ones but after oh yeah,happy with that,specially that pulling the chair and kissing kayla.

5.28.07, 9:03 AM
Welcome Alleycat and happy posting!! :D

5.28.07, 5:34 PM
Thank you for the welcome your the nicest person that has said something nice to me besides the opinions I am getting by posting.I like DOOL I might like a couple over another but its just a opinion,I seem to be getting bashed for like steve&Kayla I don't why?I would luv to know,I know some but not all of it.I just want to have fun posting thats all.

5.29.07, 12:53 AM
Welcome to the coffeerooms Alleycat! Have fun :)