View Full Version : Tuesday 2-12-08

2.12.08, 10:38 AM
Good morning! Well this is my last time on here for awhile! I am posting my last thread! I'm off to the big city! I will pack up my computer and be off here today! Wow! Hope all of you are well and the weather is OK Today is suppose to be fairly nice so I need to get moving to get out before the next storm! Take care! :)

2.12.08, 11:30 AM
Good Luck Julie.......

2.13.08, 1:46 AM
Julie..not sure when you'll see this..but I pray for a safe trip for you..and can't wait to hear from you again.

2.18.08, 2:37 PM
Hey I'm here! I finally am pretty much settled and back on! I love Colorado! I'm so excited my new life is beginning I will take pictures and mail them out here soon but today still getting things done! Whew! I have to study for a quick time test on Febrauary 28th! So I might not be around posting and look for a job too! So wish me luck!:)