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2.10.08, 7:42 PM
hey guys! sorry i fell off the face of the earth for awhile.

tigger - i see you saw the shootout. i new that would make a fan outta you once again. even though a hendrick car won, i enjoyed the heck outta the race. and am also looking forward to this season. (i'm back in the fantasy league with the guys at work, wish me luck)

THF - so sorry about the situation with your daughter. i apologize for not being on here before to offer my support. i hope things are going better.

my life has been hectic to say the least for the last few months. my baby girl arrived 2 1/2 weeks early via emergency c-sec on nov 28th. i had gone to the dr for a regular check up, they sent me for a routine stress test. i flunked. they told me they were going to take the baby as soon as they could get a surgical team together. yikes! guess i better be for calling the daddy at work and getting his butt here too! the c-sec went fine. avery caroline was 8 lbs, 8 ozs, 20 inches long. she had fluid on her lungs and spent the 1st couple of days in an incubator on forced oxygen. sucked b/c we couldn't hold her during that time. but she was worth the wait.

i had gain alot of fluid myself during my pregnancy. legs & feet were super swollen. fluid in my arms and hands caused me to have carpal tunnel. dr. kept telling me it would all go away when i delivered. well, it didn't. a couple of days after i was released from the hospital, i became really short of breath & went back to the dr to complain about the fluid retention. they decided that instead of the fluid disapating as it should have, it had surrounded my heart & lungs. lovely.

i had to start taking diaretics to relieve the fluid. these totally dried up my milk. i was really upset about not being able to nurse. but the dr pretty much told me it was life or death. so i started looking on the bright side - margaritas! i had an echo on my heart to check for muscle damage. i didn't have any damage but did have pulmonary hypertension. i had another echo 30 days later and the PH had improved but is still hanging around. so i'm on the diaretics for 6 more months and will retake the echo in july. i'm quite confident i will pass that one. no worries.

work has been a nightmare too. the only other girl in the office quit when i was 8 mos prego. nice, huh. so i was off a whole week after having avery. we hired a new girl but she isn't trained enough to leave alone for very long and she can't do any of my stuff. we're still super swamped (i'm actually at work today). but we are finally going to hire a third office person so maybe i'll get my head above water soon.

shelby is the best big sister ever. no jealousy, all helpful and loving. and avery loves her right back. her face lights up when shelby talks. avery is up to 13 lbs and has been rolling over already. these girls light up my life and make me laugh every single day. i'm so thankful for their health.

hubby's doing well too. he passed his last echo with flying colors. he's still liking his new job. is already making more $ than the job he left after 8 years. we're still kinda house
hunting but the market is pretty crappy right now.

i promise to be on here more frequently. here's to a great nascar season for all our fav's.


2.15.08, 7:20 AM
Hi, Glad to see you back. I was worried about you. Happy to read that the family is on the road to a full recovery. What is your husband's new job?

2.15.08, 8:46 PM
Remember you?! I've been looking for you forever! I was so worried, but was hoping you were just enjoying the new baby. I'm so sorry, wow, you've really been through the ringer! I am sorry you weren't able to nurse, I went through a similar situation and know how hard it is, but it really was life or death and better that Shelby and Avery have you around!
I'm so glad you are back! I thought about trying the free fantasy racing thing offered on nascar.com but I don't know.
I am really looking forward to this season! It is so good to see Jr being competitive again! I wish I could've seen the duels yesterday! I went by a local pizza place but they wouldn't change the channel. :-( bummer! Hopefully we'll have cable soon.
Anyway, so glad you're back and on the road to recovery! Glad to hear everything else is going well, (good luck with the new person at work, I hope you find someone terrific to take some of the load off of you!) sooo glad the girls are doing well and enjoying each other! What a wonderful blessing! (Why is your hubby having echo test?)
Well, so glad to have you back!
Here's to a great season!!!

2.17.08, 8:23 PM
Hi Shortness,
I am so glad to hear things are going okay and sorry to hear that things took a turn for a while. I really hope things with work start easing up on you. I know that can be a stress in itself not to mention having a brand new baby.
Things here are okay. My son and daughter are living with my Mom again and it seems to be working out. My daughter's behavior has improved and the meds seem to be keeping her on an even level, I hope that continues!!

I have been sick as a dog this weekend, I think it is the flu but Newman just won the 500 so that is a real pick me upper.

Please keep us posted shortness on how things are going!