View Full Version : Saturday 2-09-08

2.9.08, 8:07 AM
Well here it is Saturday. I woke up and got some coffee. Then already packed up my bedding and got my bed ready to be moved. my friend and her hubby are coming by to get it at noon today to take it with them. So I will be sleeping on my couch probably tell I leave. Or on my son's bed. We shall see. Any ways. Two more days of work and I'm done! Whew! More packing to do this evening when I get off work. Take care!:blush2ey:

2.9.08, 9:38 AM
Hey girl..I know you are gone to work by now. So got your bed already to move huh? You will be some busy this evening and the next few days!! I leave for work in about 30 minutes. I don't wanna go..ha ha. I just hope today goes by quickly. I'm ready for my days off!!

2.9.08, 9:28 PM
Hey there. Yeah got my bed and some boxes moved to my new home! But not without problems! Urrgh! The wind was so bad that it blew us and cause us problems moving the mattress and box springs! I got a big bruise too! On my leg! So now I'm in pain. Getting ready to take some ibuphrophen for it here in a minute. Girl I had an all cover on another floor and the one gal made me do most of the work! GRRR! And the other girl didn't have to do a thing! I was so mad! So tomorrow I might make both of them do it and tell them I'm to busy! Since it's my last day! Well I'm going to get some things done around here. Take care and enjoy your days off!:blush2ey:

2.10.08, 5:35 PM
so did you go to Denver..or just helped load it on the truck for your friend and husband to bring it for you?

2.12.08, 9:31 AM
Just loaded it up on the truck. I'm still here. But today I leave! Yikes! But just spending some time online before I start shutting things down today. Will keep in touch when I get there and get things set up! Want to beat the snow storm coming tomorrow! Take care!:blush2ey: