View Full Version : Cassie and Reva

2.9.08, 1:31 AM
Cassie and Reva are not only sisters, but have the same "taste" in many things. Such as men, kids, and they have a certain way they handle problems. They both lie! For "good" reasons but they both to lie and try to tell thenselves that they had a good reason for what they did. Reva lied to Josh about cancer, she lied about Jon and Sarah being dead. Cassie lied about making sure that Alan NEVER found out that he was Beth's baby's father! But, if you asked Cassie she would say it was for a good cause. Both of these women left their sons with people who they thought were "good people". Only to find that their sons were treated very badley. They both fight for their sons. Even, though they (the sons) are NOT so nice! Jon has problems and Will has huge issues! So, Reva and Cassie will work and find a way to "help" their sons, just NOT in a good way! :)