View Full Version : Friday 2-08-08

2.8.08, 9:06 AM
Wow can't believe it's Friday already! Well trying to wake up and get motivated to go to work! At least the winds have died down some! Now only if it would quit snowing! Oh well can't ask for much right? Suppose to have more snow today and possibly some tomorrow too! Then it's suppose to stop and warm up! Hope that is the case! Well three more days left! I still have a lot of packing to do so need to get busy! Also have to get me a new cell phone etc. before I leave too. Well hope everyone has a nice Friday and weekend!:)

2.8.08, 11:01 AM
Hey girls...
Hope this finds you all doing well
Crazy busy here with life as usual! HA HA
Julie I see you must be moving??
I wish you all the best!
I want this snow gone! ugh..........
love ya:p

2.9.08, 9:05 AM
Hey racemom! Yea I guess all our lives are busy right now huh? Well yes I'm moving! I will be going to Denver next week if I can get everything done! Whew! I will be packing up my life and going down there to go to school! Going to become a vet tech in two years and earn my Associate Science Degree! Hope all is well and your doing great!:blush2ey: