View Full Version : Thursday 2-7-08

2.7.08, 8:46 AM
Well it's blowing so badly out side if I weren't over weight probably would have blown me down the street! Nasty weather and cold BRRR! Wish I didn't have to go to work! Counting down the days tell it's time for me to leave! I do hope this bad weather stops soon and it clears up. Roads have been closed etc. too! Well hope all of you have a good day!:rolleyes:

2.7.08, 8:42 PM
How many more days at the hospital job Julie? I can't remember. Oh..I hope that nasty weather lets up for you guys. My day at work went ok. Just very tired. Got up early to go to a cashiers meeting at 7 AM...lasted no more than 30 minutes...and nothing new said. Same old crap. Was a waste of my time as far as I'm concerned!! I had to clock back in for 9 AM..so instead of coming home..I hung around the store. So....it made for a long day for me!

2.8.08, 7:55 AM
Dragsy sorry work was so long for you! I know the feeling about it dragging on etc. I hate that. Well hopefully today will be better. Yep meetings can be boring. Some times I wonder what is the purpose? My last day will be Sunday. So only 3 more days left at the hospital then I will be packing like crazy and getting things ready to leave! I found a guy to come over and help me move Johnathan's stuff etc. too. And then my friend is going to leave on Sunday possibly Saturday night. So she and her hubby are coming over and getting my bed etc. before they leave on Saturday. So I will sleep on my son's bed or sleep on my couch tell I leave. So will be a bare place by the time I leave! Wow going by quickly! Well take care and hope work goes by better for you today!:)