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2.6.08, 3:57 PM
So if John is Colleen's son, are Shawn and Belle related? Or are they still not because Shawn Sr. isn't Bo's biological father?

2.6.08, 4:49 PM
They are not related biologically because Bo is not related biologically. Shawn will claim Colleen as his great aunt because he was raised a Brady. Biologically, Belle is the only one related between the two because she is Colleens grand daughter.

2.7.08, 4:52 PM
it's more incest like with sami and ej somehow... haven't figured it out yet but maybe it isn't b/c no no wait it is cause i don't know i'm cornfuzzed

2.7.08, 6:37 PM
Let's see...:confused:

Sami is the daughter of Marlena and Roman, and EJ is the son of Susan and Stefano, so John isn't in the mix here.

As for Shawn and Belle, Shawn D. isn't a biological Brady, so they are okay there.

But, Shawn D. is the grandson of Victor, which makes Brady Shawn's cousin. They are related through Isabella and Shawn has no biological ties to John in this case either, so they are okay on this count as well.

Okay, now my head is spinning. :upsideq:

2.7.08, 11:53 PM
but stefano and john are half brothers on the dimera side and if john is a brady dimera then he is ej's half uncle and sami's great uncle????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????

2.8.08, 12:04 AM
If Victor wasn't Bo's biological father, and Bo's biological father was Shawn Brady, then that would make Belle and Shawn 2nd cousins. Every state in the United States allows 2nd cousin marriages, so I don't think it would constitute incest. 1st cousins or sibling couplings would constitute incest, but 2nd cousins wouldn't. It would be interesting if the writers would do a 2nd cousin couple to see how the families would react.

2.8.08, 12:11 AM
we need a new family tree

2.8.08, 12:15 AM
new family tree...that was funny :)

2.9.08, 12:59 AM
No matter what way you look at it, in my opinion, there is a LOT of incest going on in SoapLand! :winkq: I CERTAINLY wouldn't marry any of my 2nd cousins -- related by blood or not!

2.9.08, 12:00 PM
Biologically, they're not related, but when Shawn stated that he was glad Bo was Vic's son, that was a slap in the face to the man who raised Bo.

2.9.08, 12:07 PM
Ya know, I do remember Shawn saying that...I guess I didn't pay much attention to it at the time but you are right Card, why would Shawn say that?

2.9.08, 12:16 PM
Ya know, I do remember Shawn saying that...I guess I didn't pay much attention to it at the time but you are right Card, why would Shawn say that?To remind the audience that Victor fathered Bo so they wouldn't think that Shawn was married to his cousin.

It was a very clumsy way to do it.

2.9.08, 1:36 PM
I guess I missed the part where Shawn said that because I don't catch it every day. That is a slap in the face to his Grandpa Shawn. It could have been handled differently.