View Full Version : Wednesday 2-6-08

2.6.08, 8:53 AM
Good morning everyone well up early and trying to get motivated to get woke up and ready for work. It's very windy out and I am not looking forward to going to work with blowing and drifting snow! Hope all of you are well. Last night was my last day at work at Blockbuster. I will work for about an hour there though so that all of the employees can have a meeting so that is OK but I'm officially done there. Just have to work tell Sunday at the hospital and then I'm done at that job. Wow! Well Take care everyone!:blush2ey:

2.6.08, 10:45 AM
Well..Julie, the move is soon!! I'm excited for you..but you've got a lot of work ahead of you packing..etc. I leave for work soon...grrr. LOL I didn't bowl last night..but went to watch. We won all our games!! See, they didn't need me..LOL. I am going to sit out next week, then maybe trying bowling the following week. We'll see how I feel. I slept better last night...and so far knee isn't bothering me too much this morning. Hey...hear on the news about all those tornadoes in Tenn..etc? We had lots of wind yesterday and rain and lightning last night..but still some wind. But thank God we are all fine here.

2.7.08, 9:32 AM
Dragsy glad your bowling team won all three games! Even though you didn't get to bowl I'm sure you enjoyed watching! Yea bad weather here too! Bad winds and closing roads again! Yikes! People are stranded here trying to get East! But hopefully today or tomorrow the roads will open back up and they will be on their merry way! Yea take it easy and don't over work that knee! And yep your right I have a lot to do and still haven't done anything got to get busy! Take care!:)

2.7.08, 9:39 PM
Sorry the weather's been bad. Hope it improves and hope you'll soon find time to do your packing etc.

2.8.08, 9:04 AM
Thanks we have a winter storm warning in affect for today! GRRR! I'm so tired of all this nasty weather! Any ways I do hope to get some packing done tonight after work! I got one box packed last night. Well take care!:p